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THANK YOU! for ordering the system, this are the steps post order, to maximize results.

Previous steps
  • Ver la demo del sistema en su pantalla
  • Ver la diferencia entre versiones
  • Preguntar todas sus dudas

  • Set up your order
  • Define which license you will buy
  • For montly payment license, system and webpage, make your payment here
  • Send us your payment confirmation
  • Send us your invoicing information

    Monthly payment
  • Select your new web domain at
  • Send us the selected web domain
  • Send us the name for the domain owner, aqui
  • Specify the desired email accounts for your domain, sales@, operations@... etc.. aqui
  • Send us your website description
  • Send us your business keywords, example: suit, dress, smoking, evening dress, accessories, rentals, etc.
  • Send us your business slogan
  • Send us your facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram addresses
  • Send us the map for your main office, in JPG or PNG
  • Send us your branch office information: name, address, phone number, map (google maps)
  • Send us commercial name, address, county, city, state, country, zip code and phone numbers (10 digits) for the main office
  • Confirm us if you want to enable the livechat to provide a better service to your on line clients
  • Confirm us if you want to redirect the frontend to other website, and the exact URL.
  • Send sample of the additional reports required. (For quotation/delivery)
  • Follow the additional requirements.   Format. Requiere login

    Additional required information
  • Send us your logo and color pallete
  • Send us your inventory to be placed in the system, using the following format. Requiere login
  • Download the daemon for automatic ticket printing (PC)   here. Requiere login | Printer driver. Requiere login
  • Send us the changes for the Order receipt. Requiere login
  • Send us the changes for the order ticket. Requiere login
  • Send us the contract text to be included with the tickets
  • If necessary, send us the file format for your invoicing system to import invoices ( for invoicing outside México )
  • Tell us the user names (first name, last name, branch office, email)

    Send information via eMail

    System usage
  • Define who is the project leader
  • Project leader must read the implementation guide
  • All personal must completely handle the test table
  • Operations personal must read the operation guide
  • Sales personal must read the guide about how to place an order
  • Sales personal must be able to register and search a client
  • Sales personal must be able to add a garment to an order
  • Sales personal must be able to locate a physical garment

    This procedure is to ensure your website/system delivers excellent results. Dont sweat it, print this page and cross each requeriment when completed.

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