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FAQ Frequently asked questions

  • Can I rent suits and/or dresses? accessories?
    Yes you can rent/sell suits, dresses, accessories and any other merchandise

  • The system carries the merchandise schedule?
    Yes, the system carries the merchandise schedule flawlessly, all the merchandise, all branches, all the time, realtime, it is impossible to rent a merchandise twice in the same date or overlapping dates

  • Im working on papel, why should I change?
    Working on paper is not queriable, not safe, nor professional, does not allow regional growth or exponential growth either, its also no longer 1810. There are new technologies allowing you to work less and have better results. (Work smarter, not harder)

  • I havent completed an inventory, can I still use the system?
    Yes, we tell you how. You can start right now with or without the inventory

  • Does the system makes the labels?
    Yes, the system makes multiple labels, more than one will be ok for each type of merchandise, and if not, we make one for you.

  • The system prevents the rent of the same merchandise twice in the same day?
    Yes, the system carries the merchandise schedule flawlessly, it is impossible to rent a merchandise twice in the same date or overlapping dates

  • The system provides ticket/invoice to my customers?
    Yes, ticket/invoice, what ever is best. Automatically and with measures to improve controls and promote the business.

  • Does it work here at ( country )?
    Yes, The system works in this 146 countries.

  • The system does daily cashier report?
    Yes, also known as "daily cashier report" / "daily cash report" / "cash out". The system does it, automatically with one click.

  • Can I have a control of what went in and out? (income, expenses)
    Yes, All income and expenses are under control, Advances, down payments, payments, security deposits, income, expenses, cash, checks, bank transfers, credit card, debit card, electronic payments, all.

  • How can I prevent money losses? (theft/losses/errors)
    The system has multiple measures to prevent money losses at your rentals business, many run automatically and are hardwired in the system, there is no way around them. We are specialists and we know where those losses are made and how to prevent them.

  • I want to have a better control of income and expenses, we carry everything by hand now
    The system has multiple controls to carry an excelent control of ALL income and expenses, from each authorized user regards it. Controls, reports, alerts, restrictions, permissions, A clear historial, tamper proof.

  • Do I need to identify my garments/merchandise?
    Yes, its crucial for the correct business operation, the system provides multiple labels and mechanisms to easy and rapidly print them. You however can start without them.

  • Can I rent the garments from the system?
    Yes, we have seven points of sale for rentals and sales, more than one will perfectly fit to your particular needs.

  • Can i see reports if I am outside the office?
    Yes, you can view the whole business and 79 reports and tens of listings, 24x7 from wherever you are in the planet, and be automatically notified whenever something happens, Ideal to run your business in auto pilot.

  • can I use it in several computers?
    Yes, You can use it in as many computers as you want

  • I rent suits, why do I need a web page?
    If your business (of any kind) doesnt have a webpage then it is a local business, limited to local exposure (2 blocks), Statiscally, local business have less growth and profit than businesses with a WORKING/FUNCTIONAL professional web page. Your customer today is searching for your product in the web, it up to you that your customer finds you or other businesses. Thats why you need one, even when the customer still has to go the store (which is not strictly required)

  • I have my merchandise in a webpage of another system, it makes me mad that I spend money regarding advertising and the customers once they saw my merchandise they jump to other dresses from other stores, how do you handle that?
    In our system each website is for each client, and that thing you mention cannot happen because it is exclusively for you and you keep your customers. Prevent those guys steal your customers, move over with us.

  • Can I use it in my computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone?
    Yes, You can perfectly use it in whatever device, as long as it has internet access and a standard web browser.

  • I already have a webpage, I like it a lot, can I keep it?
    Yes, you can have another webpage and the systems webpage, You can later measure which one makes more sales and decide. No, the customers do not get confused if you have both, we make sure of that.

  • Can I recibe credit card payments?
    Yes, Credit card, debit card payments, bank deposit, bank transfer, convenience store payments, all of that was already integrated.

  • I use other system and it does not control late payment fees, this does?
    Yes, Not charging late fees are a common money loss, the system controls everything perfectly and failsafe, tamper proof.

  • How much am I losing by not carrying the schedule and the merchandise identification? and how that compares to the system cost?
    The loss is the cost of the garment, plus all rentals that could be made, Let´s say: Cost + ( Rent * Number of rentals over 3 years ), If the garment costs 1,000 and is rented for 1,200 and is rented 10 times a year, with a useful life of 3 years, then the loss is 1,000 + (1,200*10*3) = 37,000
    If the system costs 1000 per month and avoids that loss of 3 garments in the first month, then the system in the first month has already paid for itself 111 times (9+ years)

  • Can I take the free trial or use the system without credit card
    Yes, You can pay at oxxo, 7Eleven, walmart, banks or paypal without credit card

  • What happens if I need a change?
    You call or send us whatsapp, you request the change, sometimes during the same call the changes are applied.

  • How many items/codes/customers can I have?
    The system at this time is limited to 9223372036854775807 records, in whatever table, (users, codes, customers, etc...)

  • I bought other system and those guys left me abandoned. your system has updates? How frequent?
    The system gets improvements every day and it gets no later than once a month. Being technology updates are crucial and any other system that does not have automatic updates becomes obsolete immediately and without a doubt.

  • It is better to buy or rent the system?
    It is better to rent the system, because of the upgrades and technological advances. even when it was very revolutionary at the time, nowadays an Iphone 1 is completely useless, The same way to the iPhone 1 an static system wont be good for long. With us you will get much more than you could invest in monthly payments, no doubt.

  • Im starting the business and I need support for the system and for the business, can you help?
    We have 36 year experience developing software, providing support, doing system implementations, providing supervision, the system has already 10 years of continuous improvement and we are rentals experts, we can help, we have the technical capacity, the infrastructure and the know how to doit.

  • I want it, how do I get it?
    We have immediate delivery, go to the Begin now link, fill the form and thats it, you will be online in a few minutes.

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