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Complete professional solution.
Rentals, eCommerce Retail POS Solution.

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Simple and easy to use

The system is very simple and easy to use.

While all systems have a learning curve, In this system you can easily and quickly master all the main functions such as:
Create merchandise, create customers, create rental/sale orders, deliver orders, receive orders, sending to drycleanning, cashier control, account statement, entry/exit of merchandise for sale, merchandise transfer, reports, etc.

We have:
  • Super simplified versions of all main modules.
  • Well trained support staff to teach you how to use the system
  • Experience and appropriate methodologies to provide you an excellent service
  • Users from 8 to 83 years old, sometimes with zero previous experience
  • Clients with businesses of all sizes
  • Many success cases.
  • 22 years of improvement in this system.
  • 38 years of experience.

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